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Find Best Wi-Fi

WiFi-Scout tells you the quality scores of Wi-Fi hotspots based on real users’ experience, in addition to their locations.

Precise Security Mode

WiFi-Scout reveals the precise security mode of each WiFi: (1) Open, (2) Password protected, and (3) Web-login required.

Works Offline

You can even use WiFi-Scout offline! Simply download the offline database before you hike into the wild. :)

A Rewarding Experience

You will earn points while using the app. The points allow you to (1) use more functionalities of the app (e.g., download the offline database), (2) climb up the leader board for your friends to see (and you can share on Facebook!), and (3) have your profile picture displayed on the city map if you score the highest at a particular location.

There are three ways to earn points:

  • Simply launch and use WiFi-Scout
  • Rate Wi-Fi hotspots (Fast/Average/Slow) that you connect to
  • Share on Facebook

WiFI Network Quality

Link Speed

The information displayed shows the link speed of WiFi hotspot captured by our systems around the world at different timeslot.

These information helps us to understand the performance and quality of the WiFi network at the specified location and time.

You will be able to find out more information of each WiFi network quality by clicking on each WiFi hotspots in the WiFi Ranking page.



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